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Whiteblade999: Paladin's are easy to play and one of the best straight classes (i.e no cheesing or multi-classing) imo. They are like a lawnmower if you give them a 2 hander and some priest buffs. The only time you should need major healing is in the original.
This guy would know! :D Take it from him
When I play again I'm going to go sorcerer.

The various mage characters in BG2 all have some issues. And frankly, many of the spells in the game are kind of pointless. I found I usually rely on only certain mage spells anyway, so a sorcerer seems like the best choice, and use an NPC and scrolls to help out with magic, dispells, debuffs, etc.

Plus, having a high charisma makes sense as the main character, IMO.

***mild spoilers below***

But yes, I agree that BG2 while very good has some simply "cheating" areas that kind of suck. The bad asses in the upstairs of the inn in the bridge district comes to mind. They're a room filled with hugely powerful bad guys, plus tons of very lethal traps. Lethal acid traps? In a room at an inn in a city? WTF?

Reading hints and walkthroughs, the only way to get these guys is to go to their room, then run back down stairs. Only one or two of them will follow you and you can kill them easily. Repeat until they're all gone.