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"error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory"

The game uses outdated .so files that aren't included in most modern distros. This fix adds those files to the game directory and edits the file to reference them.

Thanks to massakra for this fix, that's where I found the solution first. I just zipped it up and made it easy to install.

Download here!

Dropbox mirror

If you want this to work with other Beamdog Enhanced Edition games, copy the lib folder to the game's main directory, open in a text editor and add


under the

# Initialization
CURRENT_DIR="$( cd "$( dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}" )" && pwd )"
source support/gog_com.shlib

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lol just how many times...)))))))

also, yeah, Linux users you are POSITIVELY ENCOURAGED to download binaries from god knows where and run them on you system =P
Apologies for trying to help. If you don't trust them, you're free to download the ones from the official repo, and do it all manually, or run a scan on them, or run them in a virtual machine to check, etc.

Like I said, all I did was zip up the same .so files from the debian repo and structure them, and edit the file to reference them so you can just extract it to the game directory and play.

edit: in fact, I've just double-checked the md5sum of the from my zip and the .deb file, they're both the same at 1e9657c0c0aa96fa9cff0a016f45f8de. Please feel free to check this too.
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Could you please paste the contents of any scripts (like for example) here, so we don't have to download any files outside official repo? The security policy here doesn't allow downloads from unverified sources

Unfortunately, part of the proposed fix is downloading a large (hundreds of kilobytes) file, which is far too big to post inline. Fortunately, that file should be available from the openssl-compat package (or similar name) in your distribution.

The script change should be small enough to post inline in full. Ideally, it would be either posted in full (allowing users to replace their existing script with the posted one) or provided as the output of diff -u, so that recipients can use patch to apply it, rather than requiring them to hand apply the proposed changes.