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Hi guys! We are 3 friends who had a last minute rush and were thinking of diving into an RPGing experience (30+ yrs old who somehow missed the train back then)

Initially we were looking at Pillars of Eternity only to find out that it's single player. Now we are thinking about Divinity Original Sin, but our heart lies with rich stories, so BG/IWD seem more appropriate in that respect(?) Plus, we a 3 people and D:OS is only for 2.

- How well does the mutiplayer work in these (BG EE etc) games? I've read that it's not very good, why? is because of allowing to "pause" or are there more reasons? maybe bugs?
- The two of us have macs (in LAN) and the 3rd has linux but lives in another city. Anybody know if there are issues mutliplayer across mac/linux platforms?
- What would happen since we are only 3 players? would the game demand that we find a 4th?
- What would happen if one us wants to play occasionally (and not commit) - would this limit the rest of us at his pace or could we advance the story while he joins in when feeling like it?

Thank you for your time!
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01. MP works rather poorly in the EE versions. Buggy.

02. You can't play multiplayer across different systems. For the same reason why you can't play Fifa on your PS4 vs someone playing it on his Xbox One.

03. No. You can even play it with just two players. You can also control more than 1 character each. the NPCs are still in the games too, and can be recruited.

04. If a player doesn't commit it is up to the rest of the players. Do you want to only play when the other player has time? Or do you ditch him. That bit is all up to you. If you don't kick him out, it will of course limit the rest of you to his pace.