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BGII is scrolling to the right continually, paused or not. I'm not sure if an unknown key is stuck or what the deal is. The only thing I've changed recently is getting a larger monitor, but it uses the same resolution as my old one. I'm playing 1048 x 720 (?), an unsupported resolution, but the same that I used on old monitor. Number lock or caps lock isn't pressed, if that helps. Any suggestions are appreciated. I'm going to try switching to 800 x 600 resolution and see if that fixes. Thanks again.

Edit: Switching the resolution didn't help. I should also note that it's not the mouse, as I'm able to use it normally outside of the game and in the game fine. I've browsed through the keys and don't see anything that would make the game scroll in any direction.
Post edited April 23, 2013 by Jidokwon
Have you tried rebooting?
No, I hadn't. That fixed it, thank you.