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Hey I just installed BG1 and began a new game.

I have a problem where anytime my journal is open and i use a mouse input (clicking, scrolling) the Journal will automatically jump to "Chapter 7", which is obviously blank since I just started the game, and I will have no way of returning to the "Prologue" section.

I looked at the stickies but didn't notice any mention of this. I have also not installed any mods for the game.

Any help is appreciated, thanks for your time.

**Edit: I noticed that even without clicking anything, just mousing over the little circular icon that controls scrolling will produce this same effect.**

**Edit 2: I have the same problem with the Mage spellbook, and the Priest spellbook.**

**Edit 3: Disabling the scroll function on my mouse had no effect, though it does seem like the Journal and Spellbooks "scroll" to their final page and then get stuck there. For reference I use a Razer Naga and don't have another mouse to test with.**
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