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Last time I played this, years ago I don't remember any issues.
Can't assign certain keys like F1 to a binding

AI has issues, if only set to auto attack (do not use abilities) party members are still casting spells.
Just in five minutes of playing.
I see online the last update made broke a lot of things and never fixed?

Does it make sense just to play the original with a bug fixing mod and spend hours getting it to run correctly lol
You didn't tell us which game or what OS so expecting an answer is optimistic

The F1 key is hardlocked
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ussnorway: You didn't tell us which game or what OS so expecting an answer is optimistic

The F1 key is hardlocked
Sorry I haven't use GOG forums in years. Wasn't really paying attention to the name of the forum just selected it from the game page. In any case there seems to be more people here now? Idk maybe my imagination.

Anyhoo, Win 10 and BG2 EE.
Yes, on the Custom AI script the only box checked was attack enemies, and prefers whatever weapon, ranged or melee.
I tried a bunch of things with Imoen to try and get her to stop casting with that script, no luck.

Anyway I changed it to the STANDARD script where they just auto attack and it seems to work, what I was looking for really.

Keybindings, not only F1 but other keys as well, TAB, all the other function keys, etc.
I seem to remember binding them before, as well as different mouse buttons however I could be confusing this with Pillars or Pathfinder.
okey you can change those keys by editing the actual engine files with infinityEE but first understand how the game works before you deside to change things

BG1 EE, BG2 EE and SOD use a remade engine that hard locked some keys to the UI
[see image example 1 & 2]

the F1 key = first icon, F2 = 2nd and so on which means you press F7 to select mage spells then which ever F key to cast your spells... in group mode you would press F3 to order your party to attack that bad guy

in order to change the F1 key [which personally i say is a bad idea] you need NI which must be matched to the actual build of your game... nicely for you EE is the lastest build and easy to find

link =

understand that you can't just assine F1 to something without replace the current F1 option i.e, the game will not run without a key bound to the first icon so you NEED to pick something else [and remember it]

P.S, Pillars of E is a special case, they hired ex-staff to remake the infinity engine as a way to get around licence issues... so yes its the infinity engine but its also actually Unity just pretending to be the infinity engine
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