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Basically I bought BG a long time ago and never actually got around to enjoying it properly. Now I plan to buy the Enhanced Edition but maybe not for a week or two yet.

Should I simply wait and enjoy the Enhanced Edition or should I start with the classic one? Can I port my game data over to the Enhanced Edition when I finally do get it?

Thank you very much!
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I might have a different take than most but here are my 2 cents.

First, you can basically create your own enhanced edition by following the modding recommendations in the BG Forums here on GOG.

Secondly, I personally would not buy the Enhanced Edition until it was a) $10.00, b) DRM Free, and c) available on GOG.

Third, I am going to guess it will not be possible to bring in any game save into the Enhanced Edition.
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I'd stick to the old one's right now. There are some serious problems with BG:EE. It's working fine for me but many can not even get the game to run right now. Also there is no configuration settings. The old versions had this the BG:EE does not. This means you cant increase the framerate like you could in BG:2 and Throne. Others are having problems with the UI. Blurry text, no way to select your resolution. It defaults to what ever the desktop is but some people are reporting that this is not working.

Right now I wont even play as playing BG:EE at 30 frames is like watching a snail cross a road. How I first managed to do it when I got the first BG way back is more than I know. The first BG had no way to increase the frame rate.

Overall the game for me works good but until they can patch in proper configuration settings and fix some of the outstanding issues for others I would wait a bit. I would not have paid $19 for the way the game stands right now. You could say this was a very bitter sweet game launch for many. I do however fully support BG:EE as I would really like to see BG:2 done and Throne. With maybe a BG3 happening.

I'm a bit luke warm with some of the new animated cut scenes. Some are really good a few are not like the opening intro.
If this is the benchmark, I don't want them to think about making BG3. It will just devalue the two classic games by association.
^ Agreed. Besides, the BG story is told. IF they're going to do anything at all, I'd rather a new title and new story in the same setting with the same engine. (I'm likely still buying the EE remakes for my tablet, though)
I would also advise you to mod your BG1 with BGTutu - you can only use that if you have BG2 - and a couple of other mods that pick your interest (if you care about character banters and such in RPGs, I'd recommend the BG1 NPC mod as well) It might seem a bit of a hassle, but in my opinion it is the better option over purchasing BG EE, unless you want to play the game on a tablet.