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I just finished up TotSC and wanted the to import my save game to use in BG2... only problem is I played BG1/TotSC using the original disks! I'm guessing I have to create a directory in the GOG folder and copy the save files there? I tried just making a folder named Baldurs Gate and copying the save and character folders into that, but I still get nothing to choose from when I choose to import a saved game!

Also, this is the correct way to carry over from BG1, right? Wouldn't want to have my items in the beginning :D

This just in: I created a save folder in the BG2 folder and copied what I wanted to use from BG1 to there and now I can import that. But is this the right way to do it? I mean... will I get that pantaloons quest everyone is talking about :D ? The game's not going to think this is a BG2 save, is it?

Big thanks everyone!
BG1 saves are different from BG2 saves, the game won't confuse them. If you have golden pantaloons in your character's personal inventory in your BG1 save you can find them in the starting dungeon in BG2.
But I don't think it's worth blocking an inventory slot for this easter egg.
kmonster: But I don't think it's worth blocking an inventory slot for this easter egg.
You don't think the BMU is worth an inventory slot? You're one of the very few, I think.
You getting the BMU you need all three parts, if you don't spoil your game and try to roleplay instead chances are very high that you won't get them since not everyone chooses to play very evil on his own.
And even if you get them all you'll have blocked inventory space far longer than the BMU.
I also think that that the BMU doesn't fit into a fantasy world.