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I just got my first level up for my character (a mage) and as I read somewhere, the number of additional hit points can vary. So I saved and tried a few times and on some occations the hit points decreased. Is that a bug or is this part of the ad&d rules?
And a sceond question. I was not able to distribute any proficiencys and skill points. Is that right?



P.S.: This game is demanding and slow in regards of level ups, but I really like it! Great stuff.
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Yes, HP at level up are calculated on varying Hit Dice for each class, with bonuses or penalties depending on CONstitution. Any CON below 7 gets a -1 penalty regardless of class. Bonuses start at 15 CON. All non-warrior classes get +1 HP at 15 and +2 HP at 16 or above. All warrior classes get scaling CON bonuses starting at 15, up to 25 (max bonus is 7).

Proficiency points do not get awarded every level. You mage will get points at levels 1,6, 12, 18, 24 and 30.
Variable points on level-up is a tough deal in BG1.

I believe though that you are able to turn down or up the difficultly level of the game at any time. Prior to level-up, you could turn the game down to easiest setting which, if I recall, allows maximum HP on level-up. Remember to turn the difficultly level back to where you want to play after the level up.

Also going on memory, but if you are playing with BG Tutu, I think maximum HP on level is a configuration option independent of difficultly settings.
The HP roll on level up is rather annoying. Especially because it makes you want to reload again and again (not. for a mage which is squichy enough like that). Which is a waste of time, and not a great way to play. But there is no way your HP are lower after a level up than before...

You can install BG tweak

It has a lot of possible changes (some are nice, conveenient, or pure cheats, beware). During the install, you can pick each tweak you want to install, or pass.

But the nice one in this regard is :

Higher HP on Level Up
This component provides the player with a choice of two options that will increase average HPs when characters level up.

Maximum. This option will ensure that the dice roll will always be the highest available.
NWN-style. This option will ensure that the range of possible HPs gained will always be in the higher half of the range, i.e. results will always be 4-6 on 1d6, 5-8 for 1d8, etc.
So, or you get the max HP each time (which will make you really more powerful). Or you get rid of the lowest dice rolls, which is good enough for my taste. Really, it saved me from the temptation to reload for ages at each level up...
If you'Re lucky you'll double your HP when reaching level 2. If you're unlucky you'll get 3 HP less than maximum at level up as mage. Assuming your mage has 7-14 con you start with 4 HP and get 1-4 at each level up.