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Hello community, the Baldur's Gate series are some of my favorite games of all time, now after playing a few times, I made a mod list to create the ultimate adventure. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a mod that I would've liked that would allow me to continue playing after finishing Baldur's Gate 2 so I could play some quest mods. What I want to do is to make that mod myself. Are there any tools and modding guides to help me make such a mod. And if it's simple enough that you could just explain here, that would help. If I do make the mod, it would be for myself, however if anyone would like to use it as well, I'll see what I could do.

Thank you.

note: I originally posted this on general discussions just in case you already saw this.
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I'm not sure why you want to make adventure mods that happen after you have completed the game. Completing the game takes you inexorably to Throne of Bhaal, after which you potentially no longer exist as an adventurer. The advice you were given in the general forum re. the tools available is sterling advice which you should follow; you need to know the tools you have available to you, and you need to know them well if you aspire to full adventures. It seems to me that creating your adventure/s within current gameplay would be the way to go, not post game, which would require intercepting the game code to transition you from BG2 to ToB... an advanced piece of modding for sure.
IronC3ll: note: I originally posted this on general discussions just in case you already saw this.
I'll just repost my answer from there, in case you haven't see it. Also, check out Ergos's reply in that thread.

EDIT: On re-reading my post I want to add this: Don't get discouraged by the length of WeiDU documentation. You do not have to know the whole thing by heart. Making simple mods is pretty easy. Try out some of the tutorials from the forums I linked to first, and use WeiDU documentation as a reference. Check the forums; the community there is pretty friendly and should answer any questions you have.


(updated links thanks to Ergos)

The one thing you *will* want to use/learn is WeiDU. Pretty much every Infinity Engine mod in the last decade uses it, and if you want help from the modding community, you should become familiar with it.

Here is the documentation:

Download links:

Next, you might want to check out the file format descriptions and other info here:
IESDP stands for Infinity Engine Structures Description Project, and they've done tons of work to reverse engineer Infinity Engine to help with modding.

Lastly, if you want to get started, your best bet might be to visit some of the modding communities. The Gibberling 3 community is still pretty active. As are a few others. Check out the forums there; there are plenty of tutorials.