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Somewhat. :) I don't know if it is any better than EEs in that regard though. Nobody on the team bought them nor was&is there much demand to support also the EE versions. So beyond knowing you don't have to muck with widescreen, I am clueless. There is no zoom, so it can't be that pleasant if you ask me. Then again, some people played it on 320x240 hand-held consoles ...

Anyway, two things to note. We lack an android person (again), so there are no regular builds (the one on Play is even worse). The next version (ETA: this year) will hopefully include a big refactoring of the text rendering code, which also brings some small UX improvements for touch and makes the OpenGL backend speedier. Hopefully enough to make it faster than the software rendering path, enabling us to save some battery power for those with that driver.
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I can't figure out how to install this. Perhaps should have bought the EE versions instead, I was too arrogant.