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Has anyone had problems connecting to BG games with a Linksys router? I've taken ALL of the steps that the Support and FAQ page have suggested with port forwarding and such. I've even fought with my ISP AND Linksys customer service trying to solve this.

Is Linksys just not allowed to work here? it gives me the "Port-Restricted Cone NAT Router' problem.

Has ANYONE had similar issues. Please help! I've been at this for 5 hours trying to solve it. I'd really rather not have to invest in a new router.


UPDATE*: I've since tested running it through GameRanger DIRECTLY from my modem. I get the same 'warning' about the router(oddly), but can finally connect. So any help with the Linksys router is still very welcome!
Post edited July 24, 2013 by Schmitty300