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Hi, I have been trying for days to instal the fixpack on my wineskin wrapped copy of Baldurs Gate 2 for mac. Using the windows version, I can open the windows exe version of Baldurs Gate to using the wineskin icon located inside the Baldurs Gate 2 package contents. I can instal the fixpack into my Baldurs Gate 2 folder in applications, and move the file created into the original version of Baldurs gate 2 located inside Baldurs Gate 2 / contents / Drive C / Gog Games / Baldurs Gate 2, however nothing I do allows me to run the setup where I choose which fixes should be active, and finish the instal.

Would anyone on the mac version of Baldurs Gate 2 who has installed the fixpack be willing to tell me how they did it? Keep in mind I am really not a computer person, and would need guidance for even something simple like using console commands.....

Thank you
Ok, I got it, although I honestly dont know what the problem was the first time, maybe I screwed up the game files by playing around with them too much.

In case anyone else comes to this topic researching the same problem:
First I downloaded the windows fixpack. Then I went to "show package contents" on the Baldurs Gate application and used the Wine application inside to instal the fixpack. Then I went to show package contents again, and moved the fixpack folder as well as setup .exe into Drive C / Gog Games / Baldurs Gate 2. Then I made this inner Baldars Gate 2 folder a favorite location. Then I reopened Wine in the Baldurs gate 2 package, went to Instal software again and selected the inner Baldurs Gate 2 folder from my favorites, and installed the setup.exe

That was it, pretty easy.
I think it worked my game has not crashed since I installed it, but there is no real indication that I can see.
This is my first time playing any Baldurs Gate game so I don't know it well enough to recognize bugs that it has fixed