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I've been replaying Baldur's Gate (and I'm really happy to have purchased BG 1 and 2 from GOG since I don't need my old CDs anymore) I've read people raving about the new NPCs in the Enhanced Edition and I'd like to point out the existence of many awesome NPC mods for BG Tutu.

Here are my favourite modded characters for Tutu:

A Neutral Good Gnome Cleric who is incredibly likable and manages to be good hearted but never irritating or annoying. She is very useful when it comes to identifying objects and she has a pretty cool quest (in the spirit of the character) and she will interact with all existing original NPCs and even with some modded NPCs as well. She may not fit in an Evil party but other than that she is absolute gold.

A Lawful Good Half Elf Fighter/Mage who is not overpowered (a flaw that affects many modded NPCs especially the ones for BG2). I really like the way she is integrated into the game (she has some reasons for being where she is). She doesn't have as many banters as Finch but she is a really nice alternative.

You can find them by following this link:


When it comes to BG2 the list could be endless as there are many interesting modded NPCs (some of them are way too powerful however). I'd have to mention Kelsey (Neutral Good Human Sorcerer), Keto (Neutral Good Human Bard) and Angelo (Chaotic Neutral Human Fighter dualled into Mage).

My favourite is definitely Angelo who is based on one of Sarevok's henchmen from BG1 (if you don't remember him he is the one who took over the Flaming Fist and incidentally he is Shar-Teel's father). The mod allows us a chance to explore his murky past and Angelo's involvement with the Iron Throne. There is also a romance for female Player Characters (which I haven't played yet). All in all he is a very nice character to have around and there are several different portraits to choose from. The writing is excellent but Angelo is not the sort of modded character who will overshadow the protagonist (and this is definitely a good thing). I recommend giving this mod a try especialy if you like an Eastern theme as the mod author decided that he is from Kara-Tur (like Yoshimo). He is definitely a keeper.

You can find him at the Gibberlings Three website (which seems to have some server problems at the moment).


Have a great game!