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Yes 5... because I can have the 'lord of 3rd person' as an NPC.
Chapter 2. It's when the game is first opening up, and there's just this feeling of so much potential... At least, that's how I remember feeling when I first played.
I like the first three chapters the most, when the game and game world is opening up, I'm developing my characters and discovering everything.

I adore the game, all chapters, but the first three I'm especially fond of.

Shame this game was followed by BGII.
I'm partial to chapters 1-3 and 5. I don't know that I really prefer any within this group over the others. Chapter 4 (Cloakwood) unfortunately sends you into an area that ends up creating a relatively linear experience, and of course 6 and 7 are the culmination of the story. For me, BG's strength is the satisfaction achieved through exploring this area of the Sword Coast. I like that there are places and characters that exist which contribute nothing to the game's plot ... it actually makes the region feel it exists in and of itself and not just to satisfy certain gaming objectives. That's one area where BG exceeds BG2 IMO.