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Hey I just tried to download easy tutu and apparently the site is down. Is there an alternative site where I can get it?
Use the mirror at Pocket Plane.
Hey Hickory. I went to that pocketplane link and the easy tutu link there sends me to the original site that is down.
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Ah, right, I see that the mirror links directly to the older TuTu v4, not the newer EasyTuTu. If and until the official site comes back on, I don't know of any other mirrors, sorry. If you want the older TuTu, the link is:

The forum links from here is still working.
ussnorway: The forum links from here is still working.
I've never used this version of easy tutu. Does it work? I assume that's a stupid question...lol. :)
Yes it works... what I use myself.