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Hello. I've recently started playing BG1 for the first time now and my main character just got a disease debuff on him and I have no idea what it does and if it's dangerous(life threatening) and I came here to ask if anyone here knew and would like to explain what disease actually do? I have tried google for info and searched these forums but I have found nothing that explains it which is odd. Any help is appreciated, thanks.
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Vanilla BG1 never had disease, so you must be using the BG2 engine.
I think it depends on what gave you the disease.
Disease effects can be lowered strength, dexterity, Charisma, you can be slowed or lose THAC0.
Check your players stats.
If you haven't got someone who can cure disease, you usually get away with just resting.
Although resting while diseased & very low HP can kill you.
It depends on the disease. They can cause stat loss as olnorton said, but they usually also cause damage. Otyugh strikes will even slow you.

The game is a little inconsistent about what counts as a disease, though. For instance, Dolorous Decay seems like a disease-causing spell, but it only causes poison, not disease. And the damaging effects of Ghoul Lord attacks can be negated with a Cure Disease spell, but the paralyzing effects have to be cured with Remove Paralysis or Free Action.
Thanks for the replies guys, very informative. Yes I am indeed using the BG2 engine.
I think I just had a minor type of disease on my character because it went away without any noticeable effects after resting once. Thanks again for the help, you answered any thoughts I had on the matter :)