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I know there's not an easy way to do this, but Artemis Entreri is one of my favorite characters from the Drizzt series and I would love to create him from scratch and play him through the game along with Jarlaxle. I'm just not sure what class he would be. I figured he would be a fighter/thief of some sort. Should I just make him a generic dual-class fighter/thief? If so, what level should I dual him? I kind of imagined him dual wielding a longsword and dagger.
Now with Jarlaxle I thought I would go with a swashbuckler. I think that fits him nicely. Your thoughts?
Well, here is a link to his 3.5 edition character sheet. Since you can't realy translate this into 2nd edition, you'd probably be better off making Artemis a swashbuckler since you can dual wield a longsword and dagger and you can put 3 points into the dual wield ability.
Yea I summoned him in game to just to look at his character sheet. He's a plain thief but has grandmastery in small and large swords plus full dual wielding. I could make him a dual class thief/fighter but I think that would kind of suck. Swashbuckler sounds the closet though, flavor-wise, it seems off the mark. Thanks for the response.