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I'm having trouble with my BG1 game. This is on my first ever playthrough. I'm just at the point where I've raided the iron throne building and have to talk to duke eltan, after which he sends me off to candlekeep with a book. Now, my problem is that I can't access candlekeep at all - whenever I try to travel to that map area the game crashes in a weird way.

I have been there before at this point in the game. Previously I was sent there without realising what was happening, and it worked fine, but I then reloaded a previous save, because I was intending to do the ToSC stuff before that.

Since I have completed the ToSC missions I'm getting this crash, and it's affecting all my saves - I also cannot go to candlekeep with much earlier saves.

I have been using the widescreen mod, and previously had trouble with some buildings (such as jovial juggler, or helm and cloak) but I could usually access these by either reinstalling the mod with a different resolution, or uninstalling it all together. Neither of these methods work to get me in to Candlekeep however.

The crash i'm experiencing is not a normal crash to desktop with an error message. The game screen freezes and goes black, and shrinks to a chunk of my screen the same size as the games resolution.

Any help would me much appreciated. I was really enjoying this game!
I've found a workaround on my own it seems (I'm reluctant to call it a fix, because it may yet break again).

If anyone is interested in what I did just say the word and I'll explain it.