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In 3e, the caster level for classes which gain spellcasting abilities partway through their progression is their level - the level at which they got the casting abilities. Is this the case in 2e, or is the caster level just equal to their level once they gain casting abilities? I've just reached level 8 with Minsc, and am wondering if Armour of Faith will block 5% or 10% of the damage

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No. The caster level of a Ranger is based on a table. See here.
He was asking about spelleffects based on caster level rathar than spells known based on level! For example: A mage's fireball does said damage based on casterlevel, and a cleric's AoF absorbs said damage based on the casters level. But he's asking if a hybridclass, in this case the Paladin does cast Armor of Faith as a Cleric of same level or a Cleric - 8 level.

I'm pretty sure hybrid classes count as a pureclass when applying spelleffects based on level.
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I don't know, but I imagine that it'd be easy to check - just have your ranger/pally cast a spell that has a scaling duration (1 round/level, etc.). Time how long the spell lasts, and there's your answer.
At ranger level 8 you should have caster level 1.