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I recently downloaded and installed Baldur's Gate 2; in the character creation I can't name my character. Whenever I hit the name option a bunch of random words and numbers fill the text box. I can't backspace or delete any of the letters or numbers. I've attached a .jpg to show what happens. (screenshot was taken out of fullscreen mode).

Also, last night I went into the campaign anyways, but during actual game play every time I would open my inventory, spell book, map, or any other menu option it would close automatically.

I haven't downloaded any mods for BG2, my video drivers are up to date, and I am running on Windows 7. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
This question / problem has been solved by olnortonimage
Check and clean both your mouse and keyboard -- it looks like it could be a faulty or stuck keyboard, but check your mouse, too.
Have you tried just rebooting your computer?
Well, restarting my computer fixed it; thank you very much for the tip. Though, whenever I alt-tab out the text error comes back whenever I try to save a game. But as long as I don't do that it works perfectly. Thank you again!
I hate to break it to you, but rebooting is a temporary fix for a whole multitude of Windows' and hardware woes -- it is hardly a permanent solution.
I had a problem VERY similar to this while playing IE games a while back. Turns out it was due to some feature of my firewall/HIPS, probably related to key-logger detection. An update to my firewall eventually fixed it.