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I've attempted installing BG1 Widescreen and GUI mods but there's always a problem. If it isn't unreadable text it's the fact that the game lags too much, or edge-scrolling breaks. I just can't seem to mod BG1 into an enjoyable state at all :(

I want to keep the BG experience as vanilla as possible, but at the same time I need the text to be readable, and I also need edge scrolling to work correctly as I simply can't enjoy a game that doesn't function as intended (which has sadly ruined my enjoyment of a LOT of games. It's just the way I am.)

Please, please help :(
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If you're playing vanilla BG1 (ie. not TuTu or BGT), then pick a widescreen resolution that fits your monitor's aspect ratio, but isn't too big to make the text unreadable. For example, if your monitor is 16:9, then a resolution of 1024x576 will be perfectly adequate -- don't go the full native resolution. Also, don't pick non-standard resolutions if you want to play in full screen -- they do work in windowed mode, though.
You can install bigger fonts if you are having trouble reading the text.


When you go into game options, you can find a setting that will slow down scroll speed.
On my 27" 2560x1440 screen I found I get the best results by using widescreen mod set to exactly half my actual vertical and horizontal values, with no other mods.

PS. you could also try BG:EE. I checked it out and they did really well with the resolution and UI
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I really cannot recommend the mods BGT or EasyTuTu enough for making BG1 more enjoyable.

It does require that you own BG2 as well though. If you have no interest in BG2 then I feel like BG:EE may be one of your only options. The graphical updates of the BG2 Engine make the first game so much more enjoyable.

Both BG:EE and BGT/EasyTuTu make the BG1 game use the BG2 engine. The BGT/TuTu both require additional modding to make the font and resolution nice though.
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Nocat: I really cannot recommend the mods BGT or EasyTuTu enough for making BG1 more enjoyable.
Doh, I failed in reading and thought he was having issues in getting TuTu/BGT to look proper on his screen, didn't even realize s/he was looking at BG1 vanilla...
Yea, there is really no point in playing BG1 vanilla when Tutu, BGT, and BGEE exist