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I have BG and BG II and followed the directions for installing WeiDu and other "essential" mods in the stickied thread. Everything seems to be working fine, except when I try to create a multiplayer session... nothing happens.

I select Baldur's Gate (original) from the main menu, then select Multiplayer and Connect. After that I select Create Game, which asks for a session and player name. I enter both, click new game, and that's it. Nothing happens. The menu music stops, but the game doesn't freeze. If I hit cancel it backs out of the menu and the music starts playing again.

I've seen elsewhere the game needs to be in Windowed mode for multiplayer, and it is. I also have a firewall exception and am running it XP compatibility mode, although I've tried it without that as well.

So what gives? Any ideas? The one thing that seems odd is that under the connection options, where you select TCP/IP, the only option to select between modem and serial is serial. Modem is grayed out and there are options for speed and port (COM1, COM2, etc) for serial. My network obviously isn't on an actual serial connection, so should there be more options here or is this right for this game?

Very frustrated trying to make this work! There's no explicit error messages or anything.
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I'm an idiot. I thought serial/modem were sub options for TCP/IP, but they're completely separate! It just looks weird because there's IPX, TCP/IP, a gap, serial, then modem. The weird gap between them was throwing me off.