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Beamdog in their "infinite wisdom" took away a ring-space in exchange for 3 bonus thac0, I want that changed back to the original.

Make the class fighter, as I see no special ability whatsoever, so that might fit.

I wish for a character-file I can import and play as a proper party member/protagonist.

Stats screenshotted in the attachment.

EDIT1: Can I do this with EE-Keeper?

EDIT2: Yes, EEKeeper mostly works. Still have to find variables to set dmg and attack per round.
Might also switch to swashbuckler from fighter. Never played that subclass, and starts with 2 prof instead of 4.
Btw, I wonder why AI-Boo can cast mage spells (also cleric ones, but not being a cleric...)
baldr011.png (414 Kb)
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