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Okay, I've now searched 18 pages of threads and was looking at 5 year old threads, and apparently there really isnt a thread like this yet ?!?

Whats your favorite (or best or most fun or whatever you like) group in Black Pits ?

Mine is currently:



Dwarf Barbarian




Elf Dragon Disciple


Cavalier : IMHO the best type of Paladin. Their disadvantage hardly matters, not even in the base game, even less so in the back pitts when you can replenish your stack of thrown axes after every battle if you want to. One of the best tanks, thanks to the fact they have access to Armor of Faith - 25% damage reduction to all types of damage from level 28 on. Great resistances that are really helpful on lowlevel, partially even at midlevel. Can wield Carsomyr of course. Paladin can summon Devas later, which is also handy at the start of battles when everybody else casts something else. Okay, sure, Devas arent as strong as Planetars, but are very good as well. Better if the opponents are undead or need blunt weapons.

Dwarf Barbarian: There is just no replacement for barbarian, in my opinion. Yes they are not immune to Imprisonment during their rage. But unlike Berserkers, they can chain rage - they arent winded after a rage and can just immediately rage again. Really super helpful in the really tough battles against vampires. Gains natural resistance to physical resistance at 11 and maxes that at level 19 at 20%, which makes them one of the best tanks in the late game. Yes 5% less than from Armor of Faith, and only against physical damage alone, but on the other hand permanent and cannot be dispelled. Also gains extra hitpoints from the rage though thats only a minor advantage in the late levels.

Dwarf of course gets the amazing bonus to saves, and can have Con 19.

Berserker(13)/Cleric - I tried both Berserker(9)/Cleric and Berserker(13)/Cleric, and found the power gain from level 13 version very much worth it. It take 3 battles in Black Pits 2 to unlock the Berserker again, but that extra half attack is an extra full attack with Improved Haste, and boy can a Cleric deal damage. I skill War Hammer, Mace, and Flair/Morning Star to 5 as well as Two-Weapon Fighting to 3.

Berserker(9)/Druid. - In the regular game I prefer Shaman over any Druid, especially if theres also a Cleric. But in the Black Pits, being more tanky is uber helpful. I tried Berserker(13)/Druid and it was absolutely not worth it. Also you actually make a substantial sacrifice in the maximum level you can get as a Druid. So I'd rather quicker unlock Druid again, and get to the HLAs quicker as well. Druid just cannot buff itself to an insane fighter like a Cleric can. On the other hand they get a lesser version of Stoneskin and in BP2 they could use Call Lightning (BP1 is always underground).

Swashbuckler(10)/Mage - Yeah I know you dont need Thief in BP. But its fun to have one. The Mage substitutes any holes in the spells of the Sorcerer and can have spells that get later useless.

Elf Dragon Disciple - This is a somewhat annoying class. What the hell is the point of +1 Con at level 5 and 15 ? Thats just so odd. Overall I rather prefer Sorcerer in the regular game, though the difference is not big. In the Black Pits however: tankiness is key. DD gets more hitpoints and +5 AC. Thats surival. I also make this character the protagonist, i.e. they can cast Find Familiar. Unfortunately you only get 12 hitpoints from it, never 24 like in ToB.