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I played Baldur's Gate II for about 20-30 hours and decided I wanted the full meal deal. I grabbed BGI and got the Baldur's Gate Trilogy mod. After installing Baldur's Gate Trilogy, no one I talk to has any text in the dialogue box. The game plays smoothly, but there is just no dialogue text. Should I un-install and re-install, or is there an easy fix?
Sounds like your dialog.tlk file is corrupted or missing. Smells like a reinstall. Are you using any additional mods or pacakging beyond vanilla BGT?
I did a full re-install and re-did the BGT. Works fine now. Hm...
BGT is great, but it is also notoriously sensitive to file corruption.

As happened for you, many issues inexplicably resolve themselves if you just start all over with a clean install.

If you use mods, they have to be installed in a very specific order. The stickies at the top of the the forum have really good advice about that.