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I've decided to buckle up and give BG EE version a go and so have installed just BG EE and SOD (modded with The Tweaks Anthology and LeUI-SOD).

Anyway, I wondered if there was a mod or something to change the World Map into something more colourful and clear. Frankly it's just awful as it is. It doesn't help that I can't actually read the locations even when I've enlarged the font as that doesn't affect the world map at all! I've done a search but have only come up with a mod that works with an EET install.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to improve the World Map? Thanks.

Well it seems that the BP-BGT_Worldmap mod does work with BGEE + SOD but only if you start a new game. The read-me suggests that there is a save game converter included which will convert saved games to work but this does not show up when installing so I'm guessing it doesn't work for the EE versions. Anyway, thought someone might find this information useful at sometime.
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