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I'm starting a somewhat vanilla Baldur's Gate 1 game and I need to know what order I should install them in. Here is what I'm installing.

-Baldurdash fix pack
-Baldurdash text update
-Unfinished Business
-G3 Tweak Pack

Anything else I should be getting for bug fixes?
choogler: Anything else I should be getting for bug fixes?
Not a bug fix, but the TWM_GUI mod will make it look better with widescreen mod, but only for 1280 X 768 (for 16:9) or 1280 x 800 (for 16:10)
Installed after the widescreen mod & the widescreen mod needs to be installed without support for multiple resolutions.
@ choogler - There's a better fix pack than Baldurdash available. You can find it at here. It's newer, incorporates most of Baldurdash with new fixes, and is less "tweaky." Just make sure you also download the Jondalar hot fix to go with it. Otherwise I see no problem with your order (though you might want to consider including BG1 Quests and Encounters from G3).

edit: Thanks, anamorphic. Had to play around with it here fix this post's link, but I got it this time...
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Fixed your link. :)