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I can run BG2 properly, as in the game boots up. But whenever I try to make/join a Single or Multiplayer game the game just crashes. Reinstalled once already anyone got any ideas on how to fix this?

Before you ask, yes I've tried running it on admin + Win compat mode with XP SP3
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Only thing that springs to mind is to install outside Programs or Programs (x86). Choose a location such as C:\Games and see if that makes a difference.
I tried that too... installed into my D drive instead and same problem
Madlancer: I tried that too... installed into my D drive instead and same problem
Yeah, it was a long shot. Not sure what the issue is. I have it running (and modded) just fine on my Win7 64 bit rig and I can't think of anything I did that you haven't already listed (I installed in a different folder than the default, ran the installer as Admin, run the game as Admin, and run it in WinXP SP3 compatibility mode.)
Thx anyway... I'll try a re-dl of the file itself from GOG
Oh nvm! found a solution... Had to run the game in windowed mode!