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After a year a Installed again BG2 EE via GOG GALAXY 2.0 nad there is this display problem (screen attached). There is set full screen option in the game options but the game doesnt display as it should have been.
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You won't get an answer because no one here on this entire forum knows anything about this game at all.. I've been asking for help for over 3 years on how to play, while people have no problems clogging any topics with trolling and irrelevant information, yet everyone replying cannot answer a single question that's been asked.

When a forum gets to this point then it's a totally useless place for information.

Sure everyone loves to claim they know so much about this game, but yet they have yet to answer anything about it.

It's typical when Steam users infest a forum. All topics become more about trolling than on actual help.
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