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Edit: For some unknown reason I had to do one of the challenges again. After that I was able to proceed as expected.

I dealt with all the five challenges in the pocket plane and finally defeated the Ravager.

When I then try to leave the pocket plane to face my final destiny I choose option 3 from the dialog: "I am ready. It is time for the end." But I only get the reply: "You are not yet ready. There are challenges you must face before moving forward."

I am baffled. Who dares to question my word at this stage, anyway? I suspect that a variable has not been set correctly. Is there an easy way to fix this or do I really have to cheat my way to the Throne of Bhaal?

I am playing the Baldur's Gate 2 Complete on Wine (Mac OS X) with BG2Fixpack (Core fixes) and Widescreen mods installed.
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You must rest before you can move on to the final battle