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I have been thinking of the idea of possibly doing a glitch playthrough of Baldur's Gate 2 at some point in the future, and am wondering what ideas you would have.

The one rule I have is no console use, unless experimenting or I get stuck in a way I can't escape without using the console. All gitches are allowed, and I want to play with as many as possible, especially those that are fun or funny.

For the party, I am thinking of something like the following (as a final party):
1. Wild Mage as main character
2. Imoen
3. Imoen
4. Yoshimo
5. Aerie (need someone with access to Cleric spells, especially the Polymorph + Sequencer + Spirtual Hammer combo)
6. I'm thinking Haer'Dalis (Improved Bard Song stacking with Mislead)\\

(No, that's not a typo; I would indeed put two Imoens in my party by skipping the scene where the first one leaves.)

The party *does* look a little arcane heavy. I assume I'll be OK without any fighters, especially if I have Aerie melee?

Also, I unfortunately can't skip Spellhold if I want both Imoens in my party.

Also, I know of a way to get permanent Shapechanges on a character early. Catch is, I can only do it on one character (because it uses a one-time limited wish), and it can't be the main character (because it is necessary to kill the character to do this glitch).

Any other interesting ideas for such a playthrough?