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My friend and I are trying to play baldurs gate 1 tutu, but when he joins my games it kicks him out shortly after telling him we have different versions of the game. I've forwarded my ports, tried joining him, gameranger; nothing is really working, we can play baldurs gate 2 though so I don't understand what's happening.
So nobody has been able to fix this or can give any insight on how to fix the problem? I've heard that it works if you're able to launch the game in windowed, but I can't seem to get mine to go windowed, changing the option and hitting alt+enter doesn't work...
1. Is your WeiDU log the same as your M8... i.e. you have the same mods installed?
2. Open bgconfig and make sure that you both have the same game speed set... this is the one that most people over look.
My boyfriend and I are having the exact same trouble; we both own the full Baldur's Gate series, with the same patches, and the ToB iteration of Easytutu installed in the same directories, with identical bgconfig entries. Windowed mode with alt+enter to stave off crashes, too. Yet upon him trying to join my hosted game, or my trying to join his, we are told that the server and client have different program versions. Gameranger and Hamachi return the same results. I'm nearing wit's end, I fear.