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If I recall, there's a way to use custom character sounds? (at least there was in classic BG2)

So, is there some easy way to export character soundsets from BG1, and how do I use them in BG2?
(I never actually used custom sounds before)
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I would try to copy sounds to game folder and see what happens.You would have to save the originals for replacing if needed.
I did some searching, and yeah, seems like that might work, though the BG1 soundsets have less files than BG2 ones, can't tell what the in game difference will be.

For more details, see and .

What I'm doing, is giving the BG1 files new names (after copying them to temporary directory), and then will copy them to BG2 sounds directory for respective language (enUS in my case), then see if that works.

I also found a way to rename multiple files in Windows (to avoid renaming 300 something files manually), using Power Shell. If you are comfortable with command line consoles, see (there are also ways not involving Power Shell, with external software making it easier, but I didn't check them, since PS worked for me just fine).
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Seem to remember doing something like that many years ago and actually used the battle theme as a back ground music.Only thing it was a little bit short in play.