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Hey everyone, im here to give you a quick way to boost your level at the start of the game.
After getting to Beregost, leave through the east side. go to the temple of lathender map and work your way east , keeping an eye out for danger. in the next area east you'll have some tough gnolls to deal with, the standard run arrow run arrow stratagy works. head up the west side till you see a goul with a blue circle. talk to him and he will help him. save and head east, making sure your goul buddy is always at the front. there are 5 lesser basalisk, a greater bassalisk, and a insain gnome to dseal with. you can take them on mostly 1 at the time and the gould is immune to petrify. the lessers are 1400, gnome is 1200, and the greater is 7000. i had my main and Imoin as my party, came at level one left at level 4. hope this helps anyone struggling with the early game.