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valeriusGOG: ...but I don't recall it being from anywhere in the 2nd edition...
When running campaigns in those days my kids would roll 4d6 and discard the lowest die for each stat in turn. After that they would figure out what class to go with.
In the old SSI AD&D games, you could just edit your character's stats to the race/gender maximums.

Solasta: Crown of the Magister also allows this, but the option is semi-hidden; you need to go to point buy, then there's an option that you can click that removes the usual restriction. (Still can't start with higher than the normal limit, but you avoid the rules of point buy this way.)
... "SSI" ?

Pointbuy is my prefered solution, but BG doesnt offer that.

Also a lot of characters in BG are plain illegal, like:

- Minsc Rage and of course also Boo

- Coran's Dex 20 and 3 points in Bow

- Alora's Dex 20

- Branwen's special ability (with the EEs its now her Cleric kit but originally that wasnt the case)

- Faldorn's special ability

- Edwin's amulet (probably the worst offender)

- Yeslick's race+class (that was later fixed/allowed to get created by players)
Geromino: ... "SSI" ?
Company that made the Gold Box games (like Pool of Radiance) and others, like the Eye of the Beholder series.

This was before Balder's Gate was made.

(Also made a few other games, and were famous for their war games.)
Geromino: ... "SSI" ?
dtgreene: (Also made a few other games, and were famous for their war games.)
My 3rd favorite C64 game: Tigers in the Snow. (after Wasteland and Neuromancer)