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I need HELP!!! lol

I have been trying all night to get connected to my friend and visa/versa... Though we keep getting stuck in the "Waiting for informaiton from the server" Window. I have confirmed that this isn't just me. So I was wondering if there was any help, or if there was going to be any fix for this problem.
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It is Baldur, not Baulder.

The EE version is still buggy as hell, and they seem to just get worse by each patch.

Try the classic while you wait for the next patch. I think the next patch "might" be out next year.
What Stig says :) But, in case you want to stick to EE and dont want to wait for hell freezing over, check the version number of your BG:EE installations. Make sure both of you have the latest patch installed, and therefore equal version numbers. Idk what number is actually the most recent one; check Beamdog forum, and hope it is equal to the version here on GoG (assuming you play the GoG version). Good luck!