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I started a new game in Baldur's Gate II after modding it, but I completely forgot to install the Banter Packs and I now also want the Flirt pack.

So I just have a quick question. If I install them, do I need to start a new game or no? I would really like to have them, but I'm already a few hours in and they're not worth a restart.

I tried googling first, but there was nothing specific :(
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Well, it's just dialogue additions (not even changes) so it *shouldn't* mess things up.
I've altered dialogue in a big way mid-game and not had any problems so with it being a completed and well-tested mod you should be fine.

My advice is to install it and play for an hour or 2 and see if nothing bad happens (keeping a separate save). Pay special attention to notes in your journal / other dialogue / tool-tip strings. If all the other text seems ok then it's fine.
The only thing you should do is uninstall the Tweak-pack first, then install the banter/flirt packs and reinstall the tweaks (Tweak pack should always be installed last)
I think you will be good even with several hours in the game.

First for Banter Pack the first Q&A in their FAQ was exactly that:
Q: Do I REALLY not have to start a new game?

A: Really. Although to get the Imoen/Jaheira banter about Yoshimo, you must have
had the mod installed before you visited Spellhold (and have Yoshimo in the
party for the fun.)

Then for Flirt Pack, as far my understanding goes, they add extra dialog options deep in the romance or even after the last "lovetalk", so that means you haven't missed anything.

In general if a mod builds upon the official dialogs or add individual triggers there shouldn't be a problem installing mid-game (apart from potentially missing some).
Thank you both, appreciate the help. I figured dialogue mods would be okay, but I didn't want to risk anything.

Installed both and everything is fine. :)