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Hello everyone,

I'm playing the Baldur's Gate Trilogy mod and just finished BG1. The sequence (added by the mod) which is supposed to be the transition from BG1 to BG2 is not working for me. I've beaten the final boss and walked back to the Duchal Palace to talk to the duke (Bolt I think was his name), did all the dialog stuff, then the game shows the piece of map that I've attached as an image, nothing else. I don't know if the game has frozen or is just in a cut-scene and nothing is happening anymore.

Any hints on how to resolve this? I don't want to lose my party, been playing it for so long and was looking forward to finally beat BG2 with it -_-


bgtobg2.png (193 Kb)
Wait. Seriously. There is a LOT of switching that the game has to do, and it takes quite some time. Go and make a coffee or something and let it transition properly.
lol. You were right! But hell, that took a long time. Thanks dude, I just expected some kind of loading screen or something when the game is loading for such a long time, I got the impression that it had frozen.


Yeah, it's a shame the team didn't include some clue that all is well, and to wait. :)