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My friend and I recently picked up BG1+2 off the sale that went on over the weekend, and we've been trying to get multiplayer to work, but so far, nothing seems to be working.

We're both running windows 7 64 bit, both of us have tried standard, with hamachi, and even gameranger, but nothing helps to allow us to connect to each other. Is there some kind of driver we're missing, or what could we possibly be doing wrong to break the multiplayer?
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I am assuming you guys are on the same network?

Describe your methods for trying to connect to each other.

Also, can your computers see each other OUTSIDE of the game?

Trying pinging each other to find out. (Start>run>type "cmd"> type "ping [his ip address]"
We can ping each other just fine. I've hosted games no problem in the past, he the same.

Our methods for trying to connect are direct IP either through the internet itself, or through hamachi, with a desperation attempt with gameranger after shutting down hamachi completely (including the service).

On this one though, we can't resolve the connection. I've heard part of the problem is a lack of IPX drivers in windows 7, but I don't know if that is, or if we missed a port (I set up my ports to known values, he might have forgotten) or what we can do to attempt to solve this.
The only thing I can think of is that BGII tutu is causing the problem. Gameranger should work perfectly, it always has for me.

I have never tried playing it with BGII tutu, however.

Judging by the fact that you can ping each other suggests it is something with the game and not a network problem.

I am far from a super knowledgeable person when it comes to networking however. If I get any ideas I will be sure to post.

Have you tried connecting to each other with a normal BG1 or BG2 game?