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So first of all sorry if there is already a thread about this or if i'm posting this in the wrong place since i'm new here but i have an problem i don't think i hear people talk about with the original BG2. So the game runs at a sort of fake widescreen which makes it look weird most people i hear would rather have this over the black bars but personally i would rather see the game how its supposed to look at the cost of the slightly annoying black bars.
This question / problem has been solved by Hickoryimage
The game doesn't run "at a sort of fake widescreen", it runs at its fixed asset 4:3 aspect. If you run it in full screen with a widescreen monitor, by default the aspect will be stretched horizontally to fit the screen fully, unless you tell your graphics card control panel to perform scaling via the GPU rather than the monitor display. Performing scaling on GPU gets you the proper aspect with the black bars either side.