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As of April 2021 my current fully working MOD install order for BG2. This is for BG2 complete edition (the original games), not the Enhanced Edition versions. Simply because I prefer the <uncompressed> art style and original UI and just general feel of things.

Before playing, NVIDIA control panel > Set scaling mode at Aspect Ratio. Perform scaling on GPU and check the <Override the scaling mod set by games and programs>. Doing this gives you original working FULL SCREEN 4:3 aspect ratio of the game and makes things work with 3d acceleration on a 34 inch monitor. Its the ONLY way I could make it work with Fullscreen + 3d acceleration (without having it become a tiny window in the middle of the fullscreen). It looks great.
In the BG2config.exe all performance sliders are at their maximum, 3d acceleration ON, cache size at 2000mg and unlock the resolution to 1024.
If you have major stuttering slowdowns during the games that is 100% dues to low mem sounds. A temporary very easy fix is turning the in game Sounds> Ambient volume slider all the way down. This is done until you install the last BG2 mod, generalized biffing (it <biffs> gigs of mod data into a couple hundred mg) Afterwards everything runs fast and super smooth.

BG2 MODS (always check for their latest versions, some here have not been updated. Item revisions and Spell revisions components needs to be installed at two different times.)

TobEX 26
BG2 Fixpack V13
Ascension 2.010

Every Mod and Dog v10
The tower of deception
Assassinations v16
Back to Brynnlaw v8
The sell swords v8
Tales of the deep garden v12.4
Innershade v10
The white queen v6.6
I shall never forget v5.7
Eilistraee song 6.6

Oozes lounge v2.6
Tangled oak island V2.0

Imoen Friendship v3.6
Angelo v8
Xulaye v2.0
Varshoon v6.4
Darian v2.4
Yvette romance 4.1
Adrian v5.0
Arath v4.0 !
SolaufeinNPC 1.04
Kelsey v6

Banter pack v17
IEP extended banter v5.6
Viconia friendship v4.5
Mazzy friedship v3.5
Yoshimo friendship 4.5
Yoshimos remorse V2
Jans Extended quest
Korgan friendship v1.5
Valygar friendship v1.3
Sarevok friendship v2.6
NPC flirt pack v1.06 !
Romantic encounters v12
Haerdalis friendship v1.2
Cerned friendship v1.3
Minsc friendship v1.2
Fade v5.5

Lucy the wyvern v5.0
Almaterias restoration project v8.4

Revised battles v6.3
Unfinished business v27
Dingos quest pack v3.4
Alternatives v13.4
The wheels of prophecy v8.3
Crossed banter pack v19

RTT Item pack v1.2
The unusual oddities shop v5.0
Cliffkey v7
Food and Herbal mod v1.03
Jans Alchemy v7

Item Revisions V4b10 + revised (1) 1.2.6 (Install Just the MAIN component)
IWDification VBeta 4
Spell revisions + revised (1) 1.2.6 (Install everything but Update Spellbook of Joinable NPCs)

NPC kitpackV5
Prestige Kit Pack V2

Animal Companion v1.6
Song and silence v9
Sword and fist v9
Rogue rebalancing v4.92
Daulmakans Item PackV1.8

Spell revisions (2) V4 Beta18 (revised 1.2.6 (Install just Update Spellbook of Joinable NPCs)

Infinity Animation Beta5

Item revisions (2) v4 beta10 (revised 1.2.6) (Install all other components)
Unique artifacts v7

The tweaks anthology V9
Infinity Sounds V1.3
Sword coast stratagems v32.8
Atweaks v4.53

BG2improvedGUI 3.13

Generalized biffing
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