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Hey mates, I decided to give BG1 another try. I've never tried it modded though, so I checked the sticky topic and I decided to install the following mods:

Widescreen Mod and GUI Mod
Unfinished Business
Mini Quests and Encounters
Dark Side of the Sword Coast
I just want to increase the visual quality and the quests' number as you notice.

My question now is... in which order do I have to install these mods? My guess would be:

1) Widescreen Mod and GUI Mod
2) Dark Side of the Sword Coast
3) Unfinished Business
4) Mini Quests and Encounters
Right/wrong? You tell me! By the way, I've read from somewhere that the "Unfinished Business" should be installed AFTER the "Dark Side of the Sword Coast"... so there's some light in the tunnel.
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Fucking internet juss ate my fucking post. I'll try to answe you but im pissed off right now.

-Unfinished Business has no compatibility issues
-ditto miniquests
-Dark Side of the Coast isn't compatible w/GOG's BG1 b/c DSotC isn't compatible w/Tales of the Sword Coast, which automatically installs in GoG's copy. Perhaps there's someone who knows how to seperate TotsSC from the main BG1 game who can help you. Otherwise you'll need a retail copy to install Dark Side of the Coast.

-I never used Widescreen or GUI Mod, but without it my game still takes up the whole screen

To maximize your gameplay, install the BG1 Fixpack (forgot which website; google and you'll find it), and BG1 Tweakpack (from Gibberlings 3, where you got the Miniquests). G3 folk are ace at helping. The Fixpack will help your game run smoother (I've had no issues) and the Tweakpack will give you better game options (ie- you can wear multiple Protection Items & wear them with magical armor; this is in line with true AD&D rules, and they give you other options like that as well).
Thanks for the info/advice blade, I actually forgot to say that I've got a retail copy of the game so DSotSC won't have any issues. I'll also check out the Fixpack and the Tweakpack as you suggested, I don't want to change the universal rules of the game though.
-It looks like DSotC is now compatible with other mods, according to the readme on shs

-I used the fixpacks found here:

-I encourage you to use the tweakpack on G3. It makes the rules more in line with true AD&D. Some of the rules are stupid though (ie- Change Magic Wpns to Zero Weight), but everything within the mod is something you check off individually, whether you want to install it or not.

Check it out for yourself. Most BG players who are aware of it tend to use it.
bladeofBG: Some of the rules are stupid though (ie- Change Magic Wpns to Zero Weight)
That refers to weapons created magically through spells, like Shillelagh or Flame Blade
Haha! I didn't know that! LOL! Thanks!
Tweak Pack seems to have some nice options, I'll give it a try. That Fix Pack though is too much for me, enough fixes already! By the way, thanks again for your help dude.