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I really, really miss EAX in this game. The translator in the title enables EAX in the game's options (on my Realtek HD audio), but I don't hear any reverb whatsoever and the voices are really low compared to the other sounds.
If you want to enable EAX on a Realtek device, you are going to need to look into unlocked drivers for that feature. I can't exactly link you to where to find them since they are on some warez like sites, but if you take advantage of that and Creative Alchemy you should be set.

I am using them and it works fantastically for a lot of EAX enabled games.
I tried the universal version of alch but the ingame EAX option was still greyed out and it muted all the ingame sounds. I'll research those unlocked drivers you mentioned. Thank you.
Works like a charm now. Thanks again :).