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Hello there,

Am a long time fan of the BG series; played and finished the vanilla games during their initial releases.

After being less than satisfied with the current crop of RPGs, esp ME3; read about the world of the BG mods, succumbed to the nostalgia & got the GoG versions of BG1 and 2.

Have installed the BGT, WeiDu, the BG2 unfinished business and BG2 tweak mods.

I was planning to try out other mods to get a different gaming experience. Have read through the above stickied posts about newbie modding advice but have questions about compatibility of the following mods with the above:

For ToB
Are Ascension and Darkest Day compatible?

In general
Do I also need to install BG1 unfinished business and tweaks?
Are Romantic Encounters and NPC Flirt compatible and with Fade/Amber/Chole NPCs ?

Are there other suggestions /recommendations about quality extra areas /quest mods and character development mods

Is BWP working with the current GoG versions of BG1&2
(edited: noted the thread going on which suggests that there has been some movement on this front)

Any help much appreciated.

Many thanks!
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theobeau: For ToB
Are Ascension and Darkest Day compatible?
ascension yes, darkest day no idea.
theobeau: In general
Do I also need to install BG1 unfinished business and tweaks?
Are Romantic Encounters and NPC Flirt compatible and with Fade/Amber/Chole NPCs ?
i don't see a reason to use bg1 tweaks since with the bgt the whole game is played with bg2 engine and rules so if you have bgt/bg2 tweaks installed this should be irrelevant (i'm not sure if it has some changes for example regarding certain npc or something but as far as rule changes etc are concerned there is no need for this).

bg1 unfinished business is compatible but it's up to you if you want to install it, no idea about the romantic/flirt stuff.
You don't need the BG1 tweaks - BG2 tweaks covers it.
UB, as Maurizio84 said, is totally compatible so you may as well if you want a little extra content (it's not huge but there are a couple of loose ends tied up).

Romantic Encounters mod will install and play fine - I've not played with the NPC's you've mentioned so I don't know if they react to the encounters (breaking the romance or getting in a huff) so the best bet is to make a save before the encounter, do it and see if you get a reaction. If it turns out that the romance gets stopped by you sleeping with a random stranger (oh the injustice) then you can always refuse the 'offers' in future.

Flirt Pack is just for the Bioware NPC Romances (Viccie, Jaheira, Aerie and Anomen) but it won't interfere with other romances. It just allows you to initiate a short conversation with your love interest with various options. It won't add anything to the mod-NPC's you mention but it won't be a problem to have it installed if you want (perhaps if you're romancing Jaheira on a multi-romance or just for a future playthrough)

edit: Just to confirm - RE and Flirt Pack are compatible with BGT
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@Maruzio84 and @TrollumThinks,

Many thanks for the replies.

I'm in the process of doing the install and have taken into account your suggestions and advice.

After much googling, I've also discovered WeiDU versions of TDD which are reported to be compatible with BGT; discovered that you should mega-install prior to BGT and found a few lists of BGT compatible mods; which includes several of the NPC mods.

Lots of differing reports about whether the BigWorldPack works so decided to skip it this time around.

Still trying to find additional quality BGT compatible extra quest/story line mods; more googling to go.

Fingers crossed it works out tonight!
Follow up:

Success in getting these installed and BGT running!

Fingers crossed again that it doesn't crash at some point well into my game.

Well interested to see my experience of the game some 10yrs after I first played it (or is it longer?)

Out of interest, the following mods installed in this order:

BG1 Complete Saga
BG2 Complete Saga
BG2 Fixes
Wheels of Prophecy

BGTrilogy WeiDU
BG1 NPC Project
BG1 Unfinished Business
BG2 Unfinished Business
Sirine Quest
(?BGT compatible)
-Bag Bonus
-Key Ring
-Every Man and his dog
(Non BGT NPCs)
BG2 Tweaks
BGT Tweaks
BGTrilogy Music
Widescren Mod (07.08.12)