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I want to modify the textures of the characters and armor but I have no experience doing so, is it simple to do and if so can someone tell me how to do so?
It might be easy for someone who knows how to code. But for anyone who isn't a programmer it's very likely going to be difficult.
I can easily extract the files for you, but editing them is another matter.

Though glancing at the data, it looks a lot like a BMP image file... with a 8bit palette color information


And if it's anything like a bmp file... the header is followed by the palette


the 4th byte would be a padding for the palette,

No 2 and 6 don't work. In which case it would be transparency as the alpha channel RGBA?

000000FE 000202FE 000404FE 000608FE
020604FE 06080AFE 00080AFE 000808FE
000A0CFE 180C00FE 000C0CFE 160C00FE
020C0CFE 000E10FE 080E0EFE 000E0EFE
081012FE 001018FE 001010FE 021012FE
001214FE 001212FE 0E120CFE 0C1212FE
1C1200FE 081414FE 001414FE 001416FE

Transparency encoded in part of the palette seems unlikely, though you could do 10 bit RGB and fit in 32bits. But EVERY single 4th byte is FE. So that theory is out.

the block of these is 243+ so i have no doubt it's a palette, probably a full 255/256. (1 might be transparent) but that doesn't really help much.

The file size says 10,296 bytes. minus a palette you get 9272, less than a 100x100. could be 96x96 for 9216, leaving 56 which is the right size of the beginning header.
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Making a barebones 96x96 bmp i get...


looks familiar.

also 96 = 0x60, so 6000 6000 is width height.

Going off that
14 -> 20
40 -> 64 (4014 -> 16404, nope doesn't make sense, so likely flags of some type)
3800 -> 56 (offset of header i would think)

So, if i just move the BMP header over and adjust the entries... And i get something useful. Was her hair green for the ponytail? No it seems it's blue, so the 1st and 3d are backwards? Maybe swapping the RGB around until it's right, and then you can edit it using the palette...

If you are still interested in modifying this i will continue this and make simple tools an put on GitHub. Otherwise, i'll probably resume my original tasks.

Adrianna image

Oh and Stimga, i would message you via PM to notify you better that we're making progress, but naturally your privacy settings won't let me. Well, i guess whenever you notice.
test.png (9 Kb)
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stigmaoftherose: I want to modify the textures of the characters and armor
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