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Hi everyone,

was wondering if any of you are having spotty audio problems with some sound effects and dialogues... for some reason they seem to mainly concern Wyll on my end. Most of his spell sounds are muted and also occasionally his dialogue lines when exploring... It does happen occasionally to other characters as well, mostly the spell sound problem.

Any of you has encountered this and/or would have any ideas for how to solve it? I have seen on Steam of some people having bigger audio problems which were solved by erasing leftover hotfix .DAK files in the Data game folder... on my end these are the only ones left behind


Thank you in advance for any ideas about how to tackle this!
Anphiro: on my end these are the only ones left behind
What version of the game do you have?
With version the listed pak files are correct. I have the same ones in my Data folder.

What audio card / onboard do you have?
What audio drivers are you using?
What OS are you running?
Are you running other audio software?
Are you on laptop or PC?
What are your audio settings on PC?
What are your audio settings in the game?
When you load up the game, do you get the chirping birds at "press any key" audio?
When the game scrolls down to the menu, do you get the "doom and gloom" audio?