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After Killing Pure Souls Nere, my quest "Save the Gnomes in Hrymforge" is bugged. Even if i killed him, the gnome Barcus Wroot wont interact with me, he says that he would love to chat, but he's not allowed for social interatcion. In quest log, it says " Pure Soul Nere want to kill all the gnomes, but we oppiste him. Now he's an enemy". How to fix this, even with console commands?

Edit: The same problem chain-bug another quest: "Save Wulbren". After you save him from moon tower and you meet him on last light inner, you can't finish the quest interacting with him.

I'm pretty sure to have identified the source of the problem. This bug seems to occur when you first cross the mountain pass to reach the shadowland, and then you clean all the underdark. If you do so, it seems to bug all the gnomes quests for some reason. Another useful info, if you proceed with the mainstory questline, you will fail the "Save the gnomes in the underdark" quest when you reach the end of the shar temple. Any fix?
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Did you manage to kill Nere without fighting the druegar? I think it's the druegar that are holding the gnomes - if you want them free, you probably need to deal with that. I'd be there's a non-combat way to do it, though I've never tried.
Yep, even if you cut a deal with the duergar Elder to turn against Nere, the gnomes are still enslaved by them even after Nere is dead. If you want to free the gnomes, you'll need to pick the correct dialogue options telling the duergar to free the gnomes after Nere is dead. (I believe this can be done with Persuasion or Intimidate. Failing that, you can also simply kill the duergar afterwards.)