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Fixed an issue that prevented the 'Find Dribbles the Clown' quest from updating if you sent the clown body parts directly to your camp chest without picking them up first.
Fixed the 'Investigate the Suspicious Toys' quest not updating when you read a letter from Mamzell Amira mentioning Arfur Gregorio being a regular patron of Sharess' Caress.
Added new entries to the 'Defeat Ketheric Thorm' quest to emphasise your attempt to persuade him to step down.
The 'Save the Refugees' quest journal will no longer close and tell you the tieflings died if you skip the celebration with them at camp and move to another region.
Avatar Lae'zel will now get a journal update when Zaki mentions that Zorru has seen githyanki.
Fixed a journal flow issue for the 'Get Orin's Netherstone' quest, where knocking out or killing Devella Fountainhead in Act III would prompt a journal update telling you to talk to Devella again. You'll now get new, more accurate updates.
The 'Help the Spirit of the Amulet' quest will now be in the Underdark category in the journal until you're asked to go to Baldur's Gate.
Wyll's quest regarding the Wyrmway is now a subquest instead of part of his main quest.
Wyll's quest regarding Ravengard will now more reliably and frequently receive updates in Act III.
Fixed some of the quest logic regarding the Necromancy of Thay being bound to specific characters rather than party-wide.
Gale's journal will no longer claim he turned into a mind flayer if Karlach was actually the one who transformed.
Fixed incorrect journal text displaying in the 'Retrieve Omeluum' quest in the Iron Throne. It was displaying an unrelated line about having defeated the orthon.


Fixed a streaming issue causing problems with some cloud saves.
Fixed flickering black and white artifacting in the Gauntlet of Shar and on Karlach's tent at camp.
Fixed some issues with blood decals that were causing screen flickering.
Fixed a bug causing memory corruption.
Fixed some items in containers not loading their sound data.
Added more sounds to our preload configurations before the Main Menu to improve loading times.
Continued working on improving performance and optimisations across the game.
Improved load times.
Fixed some black artefacts and flickering on Player 2 on splitscreen, particularly in the tutorial and in Act I.
Improved frame rate stability when playing with keyboard and mouse by improving the path-finding code.
Prevented Custom Mode settings automatically being selected when starting a new game after creating a Custom Mode campaign.
Fixed tutorial pop-ups not appearing sometimes after enabling them, or appearing after disabling them.
Fixed a bug causing the Text Background Opacity setting on the Steam Deck to reset each time you launch the game.
Added a new option to the Launcher to reset your keybinds.
Cleaned up some of the corpses littering Moonrise Towers after you've entered the mind flayer colony and Long Rested to improve game performance. All the viscera was gumming up the works.
Fixed VFX flickering or having the wrong orientation while making changes in Character Creation.
If you try to join the multiplayer lobby on Xbox with the game client closed, you'll no longer be prompted to 'Press A to continue' to proceed with your connection.


Updated the slider and dropdown designs for the Options menus on keyboard and mouse.
Added preview images for the AMD FSR 2.2 setting, and updated some other outdated previews to match.
Fixed the hotbar not always updating properly when toggling Metamagic: Twinned Spell while viewing a spell's variants.
Fixed the gold value from your Traveller's Chest being visible while bartering.
Fixed items sometimes swapping in the Barter UI when dropping them on an empty cell.
Fixed character portraits sometimes vanishing from the party line when pressing Shift + Alt.
Fixed scrolling speed when viewing dialogue transcripts (whether through the dialogue UI or through the journal). It had been Slowed.
Adjusted the margins of the list of waypoints on the main map. We can't really blame the cartographer, especially with Volo giving the instructions.
Mind Sanctuary: Depleted will no longer spam in the combat log when walking around.
Reduced the fade-in delay for buttons on the Main Menu to make it less annoying when changing control methods.
Fixed the small images in the Gazette being cut horizontally instead of vertically.
Fixed the Saving Throw modifier from Safeguard Shield not being reflected on the Character Sheet.
Hid the Long Rest tutorial pop-up when the Camp Supplies UI is already open.
Fixed an issue where syncing cross saves from game startup wouldn't show the syncing status on the Main Menu.
Improved the visual legibility of whether resources (like spell slots) are used up or not.
Added a scrollbar to the quest rewards pop-up.
Fixed the Objective UI (the widget that appears below the map during certain quests and tells you your objective, for example, 'Reach the Netherbrain') persisting when loading a previous savegame. Also fixed the Objective UI disappearing when saving, exiting the game, and loading the savegame again.
Improved the feedback related to trying to quickload while in Honour Mode or playing with Single Save enabled. It is, as fellow DMs say, 'living with the consequences of your choices.'
Failed Perception checks no longer appear in the combat log when the 'Hide Failed Perception Rolls' setting is enabled.
Added a warning for when the player's intended move for casting a spell will bring them onto a dangerous surface.
Fixed the party portraits obscuring part of your character's inventory slots in the Trade UI when using keyboard and mouse on certain aspect ratios.
Fixed the context menu on some items incorrectly saying 'Pick Up' instead of 'Drop'.
Fixed the colour of quest items during selection in the alchemy panel.
Prevented the hotbar from modifying the current arrangement of icons when shapeshifting, and prevented it from altering the number of hotbar rows you have open.
Fixed the Trade UI having access to camp gold.

Fixed the Weapon Enchantment subtitle not showing up in the Attack Bonus and Damage tooltips.
Fixed the values in Gortash's Empowered Unarmed Strike tooltip not matching up with the in-game damage.
Updated the description of Dror Ragzlin's Leadership Aura condition in Tactician Mode.
College of Swords Ranged Flourish attacks will now show the correct ranged weapon damage.
Fixed an issue preventing the 'Will break active Concentration' from showing up on tooltips.
Oils that can be used to coat weapons now indicate their duration in their tooltips.
Fixed some tooltip placement issues in dialogues, mainly occurring on Mac.
Hovering over Petrified characters will no longer suggest you can talk to them.
Tooltips for spells requiring concentration now more prominently display a warning if you are already using concentration to maintain another spell.
Fixed the display titles of some passives showing up as a technical string.

Icons and Portraits

The dais in the Szarr Palace now has an appropriate icon.
The Anarchic Purple Outfit no longer looks white in the icon.
Deflect Missiles will now show the correct icon in all situations on controller.
Updated some low resolution class icons on the hotbar and in Character Creation.
Replacing a loading screen tip and a tutorial icon that used the Cunning Action: Hide icon instead of the regular Hide icon.
Added icons for the new Honour Mode skills and conditions.

Character Creation and Level Up

Fixed avatar characters incorrectly getting assigned the Dream Guardian's skin colour in Character Creation on controller.
Fixed the Character Creation buttons that open the panels for appearance colours (eyes, hair, etc.) not updating with the newly chosen colour.
Fixed classes not all playing their class animation when selecting a secondary class in the multiclass UI.
Added warnings to indicate that saving the game while you're in the process of updating your character (Level Up, Magic Mirror, etc.) won't save any unconfirmed changes.
Subclasses are now also listed in the Character Summary section of the Character Creator and in the Hirelings UI.
Reordered the list of bonuses you get from your subclass on Level Up so that it's more intuitive.


Organised the list of Reaction spells on controller based on their spell level.
Fixed some issues with the list of learnable spells in the Transcribe Scroll to Spellbook UI not updating correctly based on inventory changes and learnt spells.
Fixed an issue where long character names were spilling out of place in the trade UI.
Added a character limit to lobby names on controller.
Fixed a quirk of the Character Creator on controller, where the last setting you had selected in the 'Appearance' menu would move to the bottom of the screen when you navigate out of that menu and back in again. Now it'll remain in the same spot as where you last left it.
Fixed not being able to Examine with the Rection UI open on controller.
Changed the Insert button prompt to Y-press instead of X-hold.
Fixed a bug causing the cancel action to grey out the combat radial menu on Xbox.
Fixed the right bumper option moving when pressing it on controller.
Removed a duplicate 'Spellbook' entry from the Inputs options menu on controller.
The current or latest campaign's drop-down of savegames is now expanded instead of collapsed by default in the Save Game UI on controller.
Xbox players with cross-save enabled now see the 'synching' indicator when the system checks for available saves, even if there is no save data to sync.
On controller, in the Create an Account window, the username field will now be highlighted first instead of the Privacy Policy checkbox.
Fixed some issues with scrolling through lists on controller, particularly in the Journal UI.
Fixed an issue causing the character sheet to break on controller if you have the equipment selector open and then select a different camp character.


Fixed the LAN Lobbies browser sometimes showing incorrect information.
Added new information for hosts when a player tries to join your game.
Added new confirmation pop-ups to ask you whether you wish to let a player join your session midgame.
Fixed the 'Joining Failed' error message triggering multiple times at once on split screen, requiring you to press the button to dismiss it multiple times before the last one closes.
Made the refresh function in the Online Lobby interface more user-friendly and intuitive.
On splitscreen, fixed some message boxes on the Main Menu only showing up on half the screen.
Fixed the 'Level' filters in the Lobby to reflect the maximum level you can reach in Baldur's Gate 3. It's been a long road since the Level 4 cap at the beginning of our journey.


Fixed a bug letting you jump or fly through the bridge to Wyrm's Rock.
Fixed some potions in the Lower City that didn't have descriptions.
The fish barrels in the Underdark, that clearly look like they have fish in them, now actually contain fish instead of tarts.
Tweaked the loot dropped by the cambions who join in on the fight on the nautiloid.
Enemy creatures will stop dropping the wrong bones.
Fixed the positions of the portraits in Oskar's atelier.
You can no longer interact with Mol through a window on the outside of Last Light Inn.
You can no longer shoot through a boarded-up window in the tollhouse in Act I.
You can now better reach the Recruiting Gnolls book in Moonrise Towers.
Made some small pathfinding fixes in the High Hall.
You can no longer casually go walkies in the middle of a chasm in the Decrepit Village in the Underdark.
Fixed a clipping barrel at the docks in Moonrise Towers Prison.
Removed a platform in Grymforge that looked like it was accessible and was tricking a few of you into trying to jump on it to access the Gauntlet of Shar.
Tweaked the arena around the Shambling Mounds so enemies don't clump together as much.
Fixed a Misty Step shortcut through a small gap in the Gauntlet of Shar that previously allowed you to bypass the Stone Door.
Patched up the ground in The Wyrmway and in the House of Hope to fix a rare issue allowing you to fall through the floor into a chasm.
You can now click through the water in the Water Queen's Cellar.
You can no longer disappear into a couple of rocks near the mephits in Grymforge. Sorry.
Tweaked the position of an unreachable sign on Vonayn's Home in the Lower City.
The Hidden Cache found by the Counting House now reflects the wealth suggested in the hint that guides you to it.
Made several improvements to camera and fading behaviours in Grymforge.
Fixed some camera movement issues in the Ruined Battlefield in the Shadow-Cursed Land, improving free camera movement and some sticky camera panning.
Fixed some floating roof pieces and generally improved fading and camera movement in the epilogue camp.
Fixed some camera issues and generally improved camera movement and environmental fading in the Arcane Tower basement.
Tweaked a setting on a window in Wyrm's Crossing to obscure the fact that there isn't all that much in one of the buildings.
Fixed and improved camera and fading issues in and around the Morphic Pool region.
Fixed some camera movement and fading issues in the Moonrise Towers Prison.
Fixed some camera and fading issues in the Jungle of Chult.
Fixed some erratic camera fading in the cellar beneath the Blighted Village.
Fixed a puddle in Auntie Ethel's lair preventing submerged characters from being targetable.
Removed a duplicated door at Franc Peartree's house.
You can now read A Plea in the Stormshore Tabernacle without having to steal it first.
Fixed Traveller's Chests occupying the same spot when starting a new game in split screen.
Fixed a doorway in the Sewers that was connected to more than two rooms.
A door in the main Lower City camp that you can't reach is now uninteractable.
Fixed some issues in Bonecloak's Apothecary where rooms weren't always accurately showing on the minimap.
Fixed some items that suggested they could be teleported when they couldn't in the Lower City.
Fixed a black segment of the map in Figaro's Basement.
A dwarf dockhand in the Lower City is now able to navigate the harbour if the nearby barrels are moved.
Fixed an issue with a breakable floor in the Act II tollhouse.


Fixed a black segment of the map in the epilogue camp.
Added a map marker for Sovereign Spawn when you get invited to meet him.
The map marker for the quest objective to 'Attend Gortash's ordination ceremony' for Wyll's quest now points at the stairs to the Audience Hall rather than to the centre of the Audience Hall, which was making it hard to work out where to go.
Fixed map markers not updating after loading a savegame if a quest step moved from one objective to another.


Fixed the appearance of shadows on the back of thin, translucent materials like cloths.
Fixed a broken myconid portrait.
Tweaked Shadowheart's default clothes so they don't gap when worn by larger female characters.
Captain Grisly no longer appears to be balding in Auntie Ethel's lair.
Fixed clipping on several pieces of half plate armour when worn by female dwarves.
Made the Hedge Wanderer Armour and Barkskin Armour fit a little better on dragonborn characters.
Improved the resolution of the Adamantine Splint Armour.
Fixed Orin's ring not appearing in some cutscenes.
The Iron Throne prisoners are now wearing armour appropriate for their stats.
Improved the appearance of Viconia's Priestess Robe when worn by female dragonborn characters.
Fixed some wrong textures on civilians' shirts.
Gave Dilgar Sneese a fresh new haircut to fix some clipping issues.


Added a new animation for Cranium Rats. They can now stand up on their hind leggies.
Added a meat-chopping animation for one of the waiters in the Wyrm's Rock mess hall.
Added animations for Rodondo Logg, Fuschia Vineshoot, Birta Grougg, and Yves.
Added new animation for the Oathbreaker Knight when at camp.
Added some idle animations of characters sitting and writing near Baldur's Mouth.
Added an animation for a Flaming Fist looking through stacks of the Gazette in the Lower City.
Added an animation for Guex handling a wooden barrel in the Emerald Grove.
Added an animation for redcaps sweeping the floor.
Added an animation for Nightsong recovering from flight.
Added a table-cleaning animation for one of the NPCs in Wyrm's Rock.
Fixed the animations of the dire wolves and giant rats in Cazador's Palace chewing viscera.
Animations will now continue after being paused while saving rather than jump to their final frame.
Tweaked some physics for myrmidons and small elementals so that you're less likely to accidentally select them.
Updated the animations for the Shield Bash passive.
The Blacksmith's Bellows in the Selûnite Outpost now play their animation when interacted with.
Fixed an issue causing characters to sometimes get stuck due to the game still trying to play their overhead dialogues after they're dead.
Improved the appearance of cloths in cutscenes with Gale in the epilogue.
Fixed an issue where some NPCs were spawning into combat without playing the correct animation.
The Ki Resonation condition will no longer cause player characters to have animation issues when Long Resting.
Smoothed out some of Asharak's animations.
Added a new idle animation for a bursar in the Guildhall of opening a chest and looking through it.
Added a new pipe-smoking animation for Carnelia Vanthampur at the Guildhall Bar.
Added a new blade-sharpening animation for Snapbone at the Guildhall.
Corpses thrown from your inventory now look dead rather than alive. As is right.
Polished the throwing animation sequence so knives don't temporarily vanish while being thrown.
Gortash's Deranged Force Curtain ability now animates correctly when destroyed.
Fixed the attack animation for the guard fighting the training dummy in Moonrise Towers.
Fixed some hair clipping and bald spots on dwarves.
Fixed some quirky animations in the scene with the incubus.


Improved the lighting and fixed lighting bugs in many dialogues across the game, including but certainly not limited to: the reworks of the scenes at the Elfsong Tavern at the end of the game, the dialogue with Alfira in the Emerald Grove, a dialogue in the Stormshore Tabernacle, the dialogue with Baelen in the Underdark, the dialogue with Voss in the Sewers, and the dialogue with Viconia in the House of Grief.


Fixed the Harpies' luring song getting interrupted with the default combat music.
Fixed some missing sounds in the Camp Inventories UI.
Fixed missing sounds in Active Search. (We found them hidden under some rocks in Act I.)
Tweaked the music volume bounds near the area with the harpies.
Tweaked the SFX for dismissing and bringing back characters from Withers' Wardrobe to better match the animation.
Toned down the sound of a few long-lasting statuses.
Added new sound effects for unique animations in the House of Hope.
Added sound effects to Cazador's bat swarm variations in Honour Mode.
Added an animation and VFX for when you wash yourself with soap or sponges.
Fixed the sound of the windmill in the Blighted Village still playing after it's stopped spinning.
Fixed the voice of the mind flayer in the windmill in Wyrm's Crossing not having reverb.
Fixed the Larian logo splash screen not having any sound on Xbox. Also removed some latency on this screen.
Fixed a loud spell sound happening when loading a save while in the epilogue camp with the Armored Owlbear.
Fixed Us' overhead dialogues on the nautiloid sometimes not being audible due to occlusion.
Fixed mummies' Slam attacks being silent in Honour Mode.
Fixed some footsteps playing stoney sounds instead of fleshy sounds in the scene where you look down the gaping hole at the top of Moonrise Towers.
Made a small volume adjustment to the ambience in the Shadowfell.
Improved the mix of owlbear and bear sounds.
Fixed the timing of the audio when you fail a skipped dice roll.
Fixed traps sometimes not giving audio feedback when disarmed.
Made further minor tweaks to the volume and timing of audio across the game as needed.
Tweaked the audio mix in the dialogue with Sa'varsh Kethk.
Implemented some SFX in the scene where Gale speaks to Mystra.
Fixed a small issue with the music during the final toast in the epilogue.
Fixed some SFX in the dialogue between Halsin and Kagha.
Fixed some SFX playing too early in the dialogue with Akabi.


Improved the VFX of the traps in a secret area of Crèche Y'llek.
Updated Kar'niss' Spindleweb Sanctuary VFX on Honour Mode.
Added some effects for a second avatar character being added to Wither's Wardrobe.
Tidied up the VFX a little when dragging and dropping a dismissed avatar out of Withers' Wardrobe.
Added bespoke VFX for Dame Aylin and her Globe of Invulnerability.
Improved Lorroakan's spawning and despawning VFX in Sorcerous Sundries.
Disabled the VFX on Shadowheart's pod in the nautiloid if you're playing as Avatar Shadowheart to avoid suggesting there's something you have to do with it.
Improved the appearance of the blood in the gnarly gnoll-birthing cutscene in Act I.
Fixed some VFX bugs in the dialogue when you meet your Dream Guardian for the first time.
Fixed some square artefacts by removing some light sources from the VFX in the scene where you meet your Dream Guardian for the first time.
Fixed some VFX bugs in the dialogue with Vlaakith at camp.
Fixed the portal VFX lingering for a few more lines than intended behind Raphael in a dialogue with him at the end of the game.
Fixed Vlaakith's VFX not fading properly.
Fixed some VFX issues in the scene when you free Nightsong, like some light that was too bright and an unintended white glow on the eyes. Also tweaked the punch overlay to make it more fist-centric.
Made the VFX for the Her Voice condition more obvious.
Updated the Perception Check VFX to make both versions (blue for the standard ones and red for ones that detect danger) more eye-catching and visually similar.
Fixed some broken sprites in the Netherbrain's death effect.
Fixed a texture bug that was sometimes stretching the Cull the Weak VFX.
Improved the VFX continuity between the came and the cinematic when the lance at Rosymorn Monastery is charging up.
The zombified characters in Balthazar's Necrotic Laboratory now look a little more zombie-like.
Updated the visual effects of the Bash spell.
Updated the effect around air elementals to include leaves and debris, helping to differentiate it from the water elemental.
Tweaked the visual effects of chimneys.
The juggler at the circus will now properly interrupt his juggling when he is, well, interrupted.
Improved the VFX in several spots across the game, like the destruction effect for some chains and for Tara's nest, the feedback when dismissing companions, and the Shield Bash effect.
Improved the appearance of blood when talking to the Dying Stone Lord Thug.
Fixed some VFX that weren't showing up for Viconia in the House of Grief.
Fixed the Examine and Inventory panels not displaying permanent VFX on the model.
Fixed some VFX sometimes showing up when previewing an attack.
Polished the spawn VFX for Vlaakith's Mind-Claw of Tu'narath.


Added new reactivity for Withers' opening dialogue in the epilogue to address solo players.
Added some new lines in Minthara's epilogue dialogue to cover characters who are partnered with her and left to fight in Avernus or the Astral Plane.
Updated the Legendary Action descriptions for the owlbear in Honour Mode to reduce spoilers about the daddy owlbear.
Made some minor fixes to a couple of Gale's dialogues, like fixing italicisation and improving the flow between lines for internal logic.
In Gale's epilogue dialogue, accounted for the case where Avatar Lae'zel left Faerûn but was still partnered up with a companion.
Added a platonic path when talking to Halsin at camp if you haven't been flirting with him.
Quicksave and autosave names will now be correctly localised in different languages.
Updated the text on the difficulty screen so that it just says 'Difficulty' instead of 'Change Difficulty' so as not to tease those of you who are playing on Honour Mode and can't change it.
Added a Narrator line for the Dark Urge when interacting with the door in the hag's lair.
Added a new overhead line for Karlach for when she reaches Last Light, the tieflings are alive, and she hasn't met Dammon yet but knows there might be someone who can help her.
Fixed an issue where Shadowheart would be referred to as dark-haired, even if she has white hair, and added a new dialogue option for Shadowheart on a certain path when talking to Zenthino.
Added a couple more overhead lines for Withers for when he's trying to get your attention.
Updated the Slayer tooltip to more accurately explain the transformation.
Corrected missing text formatting on an illithid player's dialogue choice during Shadowheart's epilogue dialogue.
Tweaked some dialogue options in the main dialogue with Florrick in Act I to match the journal more closely.
Added a line in Halsin's camp dialogue to account for an outcome where you resolved the situation at the Goblin Camp but the goblin leadership wasn't necessarily killed.
Lae'zel will now acknowledge Orpheus as being alive and a mind flayer in her epilogue dialogue. If this is indeed the case, of course.
Added a couple of small dialogues for two of Gortash's bodyguards.
If playing Avatar Lae'zel, your romantic partner now bids you goodbye if you choose to join the rebellion against Vlaakith.
Fixed some internal parameters showing up in the tooltip for Dame Aylin's Moonfire condition.
The Necromites' Reach from Beyond spell tooltip no longer incorrectly says that it applies the Bone Chill condition.
Fixed some subtitles that weren't appearing on screen when interacting with a door in Cazador's palace.
Fixed several typos and subtitle/VO mismatches across the game.
Fixed the italicised formatting of a handful of illithid dialogue options.
Fixed placeholder text for the Knocked Out condition appearing in the Karsus' Compulsion tooltip.
Made the origin of the Steeped in Bliss condition clearer in item tooltips.
Fixed an incorrect tooltip description for Reach from Beyond.
Clarified which elixirs apply their effects after being thrown.
Fixed the Force Blast tooltip showing incorrect text.
Spruced up the sign text for the fine establishments of Wyrm's Crossing.
Added more gazette articles to react to Ettvard Needle's death.
Fixed an errant vegetable crate that was lying about what it contained.
Tieflings can now properly react to Zevlor detailing prejudice against their kind after the fight in front of the Emerald Grove.
Updated the tutorial tooltip about consuming illithid tadpoles.
The Exhausted condition no longer references a D&D mechanic not used in BG3 - we're going off-book for this one.
Added an explanation for the extra Lightning damage Bernard deals to his attackers in his tooltips. Shocking.
Improved the legibility of the tooltip for Yurgir's Volatile Cluster ability.
Fixed Thisobald Thorm's Legendary Action tooltip showing incorrect numbers.
Improved clarity in the tooltip text for conditions during Thisobald Thorm's combat in Act II.
You can now react to knowing about Bhaal's Chosen when talking to the murder investigator.
Fixed Shadowheart's sandals being called Tasteful Boots and described incorrectly.
Clarified the description of the Periapt of Wound Closure passive.
Fixed some erroneously named and described vegetable crates in Wyrm's Rock Prison.
Fixed Wild Magic: Teleport tooltips incorrectly showing a spell slot cost and spell school. Made the different Wild Magic: Teleport tooltips match.
Ravengard and Mizora will now drop letters if they leave camp after they had already been camp followers and Wyll leaves the party permanently.
Fixed a basket of onions claiming to be a fruit basket, and other issues with lying baskets.
Gave the dogs at the Sword Coast Couriers names. Because they're the best boys.
Fix a bug where you could tell Barcus about Moonrise Towers before knowing about it yourself.
Fixed a case where in some flows, Karlach wouldn't react to Zevlor's description of the Descent
Added lines so that a Karlach who hasn't upgraded her engine can no longer romance Halsin.
Avatars who went to Avernus with Karlach can now explicitly tell Gale they can't ascend because they need to look after Big K.
Added additional Karlach reactivity to the ascension with Gale in the epilogue.
Added reactivity when interacting with Mizora for circumstances where Wyll's father has been killed
Improved player attitudes in the dialogue options when Gale expresses discomfort at the drow twins' four-way proposal and removed the Persuasion roll.
Clarified a quest update in the 'Save Hope' quest.
Made the names and descriptions of Gortash's Incineration Casters and their conditions more consistent.
Added lines for Minsc, Jaheira, Minthara, and Halsin when they perceive traps in the environment.
Jaheira no longer uses Marcus as a code in Danthelon's Dancing Axe if you never met Marcus.
Added a line for Karlach after she flies into a rage about the paladins in Act I to account for the possibility that she'd spent some alone time with Minthara.


Improved camera shots, mocap animations, character staging, and facial expressions in many dialogues across the game.
Fixed pops, jitters, and clipping in many dialogues across the game.
Added custom touches and polishes to many dialogues across the game.
Hid a figure that looks suspiciously like Shar from appearing in a particular cutscene in the Cloister of Sombre Embrace on very widescreen monitors.
Improved a camera shot and facial expressions in Halsin's default companion dialogue.
Fixed a pop when talking to Thulla in the Underdark.
After Cazador gets his shirt removed and runes carved on his back in the cinematic, he'll no longer be magically fully clothed again after the cinematic ends.
Duke Ravengard no longer appears duplicated in his Iron Throne cell.
Fixed a small animation pop on Gandrel.
Consuming a noblestalk as the Dark Urge will no longer play part of the scene in the wrong location.
Implemented more cinematic content for lone Dark Urges at the end of the game.
Added a chant of 'Blood, blood, blood' to the Dark Urge's ending cinematic. Because the Dark Urge didn't have enough of that already.
Polished the timing on Karlach's Speak with Dead dialogue.
Fixed a long pause when talking to the hag's masked halfling victim.
Stopped part of the hag's dialogue with Mayrina skipping when you fought her brothers. Also cleaned up the animation fade-ins and fade-outs.
Fixed an endlessly looping animation if you skip through the dialogue where you can lay a hand on Karlach at Last Light.
Fixed the rats' animation in the Gauntlet of Shar freezing.
Fixed some camera and lighting issues in the scene with the brain in the tutorial when playing as the Dark Urge.
Fixed a barrel blocking the camera when Avatar Karlach first talks to Dammon.
Fixed Orin's head snapping during the cinematic with the Chosen Three in the Mind Flayer Colony on widescreens.
Fixed Marcus momentarily freezing when talking to Isobel at Last Light.
Fixed the dagger jittering when you snatch it from Cazador, and an odd issue of the dagger disappearing when he's saying his final words.
Fixed a bug preventing you from getting the proper Oppenheimer cinematic treatment when Gale self-destructs atop the Netherbrain.
Fixed Kith'rak Voss' sword clipping into smaller characters' heads when they confront him by the ruined bridge in Act I.
If you become the Absolute at the end of the game after being encouraged to do so by Minthara or Astarion if either one of them is your partner, you'll no longer enthral them.
Fixed a camera pop in Karlach's dialogue about her backstory.
Polished the camerawork for different player races in the scene where Karlach encounters Gortash.
Polished the scene with the hooded figure that approaches you in the House of Grief.
Fixed a Flaming Fist suddenly blipping out of existence in the background of the scene where Halsin talks to Art.
When speaking with Volo in the Emerald Grove, his quill no longer appears to be floating in the air after certain answers.
Fixed the delayed start for the cinematic after you heal Pandirna in the Emerald Grove.
Fixed a camera pop and the Whittled Duck disappearing from your hand after Halsin gives it to you in the epilogue.
Fixed an issue where sometimes companion Lae'zel wouldn't appear in the cinematic when she arrives at the epilogue party from the Astral Plane.
Fixed an issue causing characters' hair to freak out and stretch wildly while climbing to the top of the Netherbrain.
Lae'zel no longer slides or teleports away during her Epilogue dialogue.
In the dialogue with Raphael at Sharess' Caress, when you finish signing the contract, you'll no longer jitter and Raphael's hand will no longer be distracting as the camera focuses on you.
Adjusted lighting during the destruction of the Elder Brain.
Fixed Astarion popping in a couple of dialogues.
Fixed automatically-triggered dialogues not always focusing on the correct characters.
Fixed a looping player animation when talking to Araj Oblodra in Moonrise Towers.
Cleaned up some mocap in the scene where a Steel Watcher spots you and tells you to go to the Audience Hall in Wyrm's Rock.
Shadowheart's arm no longer clips through taller characters' shoulders when kissing them.
To prevent a particular visual bug when playing as a custom character, you will no longer be able to request to kiss your partner while they are shapeshifted. Removing shapeshift from your partner will immediately restore your ability to get back to smooching, and you can still shapeshift your own character and kiss your partner!
Fixed a pop when interacting with Vellioth's skull.
Fixed a hovering Sphynx cat in a cutscene of the Lower City.
Polished the scene with Abdirak when talking to him as the Dark Urge.
Made the number of City Watch guards consistent across a cutscene and gameplay in the Upper City.
Fixed some depth of field and camera issues in the scene with the Dying Stone Lord Thug.
Fixed hands looking like paddles in Halsin's main dialogue.
Cleaned up the scene at Sorcerous Sundries where Dame Aylin confronts Lorroakan.
Polished one of Minthara's dialogues at the end of the game, particularly for halflings and gnomes.
Fixed some issues with Withers' hands in the epilogue, like him holding them out flat like paddles.
Polished the exit animation for male and female gnomes in the scene where Dame Aylin confronts Lorroakan at Sorcerous Sundries.
Reduced the light intensity of some VFX in the cutscene of Nightsong flying out of her prison.
Readjusted a camera to fix your hand blocking the camera when skipping through a dialogue with Wyll about his future plans.
Polished Wyll's facial expressions when Minthara sits on Ketheric's throne.
Polished Wyll's facial expressions in Shadowheart's recruitment dialogue.
Made Gale's explosion atop the Netherbrain more explodey by adding some extra camera shakes.
Made general improvements to Boo's animations. The hamster is a little less jittery.
Fixed the camera blocking shorter characters when talking to Gyldro Angleiron.
Fixed some jittering on female dragonborn characters when talking to Halsin.
Fixed some depth of field issues and tweaked some cameras in the dialogue with the Dying Stone Lord Thug.
Fixed some clipping on male dwarves by tweaking their chest rotation when spending a night with Astarion in Act I.
Fixed Figaro Facemaker's chin clipping into his collar.
Fixed Avatar Astarion sliding around as he stands during the vampire ambush scene at camp.
Fixed an issue with Minsc's left arm when holding Boo in his recruitment dialogue.
Fixed a Steel Watcher's armour clipping into its breastplate.
Fixed a mocap pop when talking to Sazza at the Emerald Grove.
Fixed a camera clipping through the ground in the dialogue with Danis and Bex at Last Light after they're reunited.
Fixed the chalice in the dialogue with Jaheira at Last Light clipping through the table for shorter races.
Fixed an animation pop on Spaw in the Underdark.
Fixed the goblet flying out of your hand when talking to Jaheira at Last Light. We knew you were suspicious of it, but you don't have to be so dramatic.
The dialogue with Skickpit after you save him will now trigger the cinematic dialogue correctly instead of using the in-game camera.
Fixed Shadowheart not appearing in a shot while she's speaking in front of one of the sacrificial bowls in the Gauntlet of Shar.
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