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Hello every one! I heard that there was a broken patch released a few days ago, but my experience is kinda mixed:
the game seems to play better in certain aspects, but since the hotfix 4 install i'm having multiple crashes in the game, multiplayer and singleplayer. In MP it crashed twice when fighting the Gnolls, at least once after killing a hyena, then once in the basement of the paladins of tyr, then once in the goblin camp, and now randomly in the Duke villa when exploring in the granary at the back of the house.
- Uninstall the game (to be safe).
- Download the newest offline installer (v4.1.1.3648072) and install it.
teceem: - Download the newest offline installer (v4.1.1.3648072) and install it.
How ? Its not offered as an option.

P.s.: Correction, I logged in and out and NOW it shows.
Post edited August 21, 2023 by Geromino